2018 ICAST New Product Showcase Best of Category Award Winners

As ICAST 2018 winds down there are a few very happy and proud companies celebrating their product development efforts. Those are the companies that came out on top of the New Product Showcase Best of Category competition.  The winners are determined by visiting buyers and media members who cast their votes for their favorites.


Just for fun, this is my version of the ICAST welcome sign. The Bill Dance World Catfishing Expo debuts in March of 2019

My efforts at ICAST were focused on catfish related products and I found more his year than last, but still a small number. It seems like fishing line was one of the products that showed up more than in the past. I saw several catfish branded lines.


New T-bar scale will be available soon to catfish anglers.

I also saw a new T-bar scale that is not yet in production that will be great for catfish anglers. We will continue to keep an eye on its development and report on it again.

I was happy to see B’n’M Poles, TTI Blakemore and Team Catfish had booths at the show. They are all stalwart supporters of the catfish community.

Whisker Seekers Tackle was the only catfish specific booth I saw, but I did see more catfish “people” than in the past. Some were working at the various booths but more were just there for the experience and taking their own look at where catfishing will finally fit into the bigger picture of sportfishing.

A big topic of conversation was the recently announced Bill Dance World Catfishing Expo. That event, scheduled for March of 2019 will provide a big boost to the sport of catfishing. There will be much more information to come on this event in the near future.

Getting back to the big winners at ICAST, they are listed below with contact info.

Best of Category – Boating Accessories – Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics, Inc.
Product:  Minn Kota Ultrex
Contact: Kathy Dutton kdutton@johnsonoutdoors.com

Best of Category – Boats and Watercraft – Jackson Kayak
Product:  360 Angler
Contact: Sonia Cronin sonia@jacksonkayak.com

Best of Category – Eyewear – Costa Sunglasses
Product:  Baffin
Contact: Shauna Metz smetz@costadelmar.com

Best of Category – Footwear – Rivers Edge Products
Product:  Fish Sandals
Contact: Michael McFadden Michael.mcfadden@riversedgeproducts.com

Best of Category – Giftware – Number 6 Brands 
Product:  Cauldryn Coffee
Contact: Jason Shinn jason@number6brands.com

Best of Category – Lifestyle Apparel – AFTCO/American Fishing Tackle Company
Product:  Hexatron Performance Fleece
Contact: Matt Florentine matt@aftco.com

Best of Category – Technical Apparel – AFTCO/American Fishing Tackle Company
Product:  Hydronaut Heavy-Duty Waterproof System
Contact: Matt Florentine matt@aftco.com

Best of Category – Electronics – Garmin USA
Product:  Garmin Panoptix LiveScope
Contact: Carly Hysell carly.hysell@garmin.com

Best of Category – Fishing Accessory – YETI
Product:  YETI Tundra Haul
Contact: Ravanne Harris rharris@yeti.com

Best of Category – Fly Fishing Accessory – YETI
Product:  YETI Panga Backpack 28
Contact:  Ravanne Harris rharris@yeti.com

Best of Category – Fishing Line – PowerPro
Product:  PowerPro SuperSlick V2 Brand
Contact:  John Mazurkiewicz jpmazurk@ameritech.net

Best of Category – Kids’ Tackle – AnythingPossible
Product:  Kid Casters DUDE PERFECT Fishing Kit & Casting Game
Contact: Jason Bauer jbauer@lilanglers.com

Best of Category – Tackle Management – Tak Logic Lure Lock
Product:  Lure Locker
Contact: John Skrabo jskrabo@taklogic.com

Best of Category – Terminal Tackle – Rapala
Product: VMC NEKO Skirt
Contact: Bob Bussey bbussey@rapalausa.com

Best of Category – Freshwater Hard Lure – Westin
Product:  Freddy the Frog
Contact: Thomas Sanotra tsa@fairpoint.dk

Best of Category – Saltwater Hard Lure – 13 Fishing
Product: Octopi
Contact: Jose Chavez jose@13Fishing.com

Best of Category – Freshwater Soft Lure – LIVETARGET 
Product:  LIVETARGET Hollow Body Crawfish
Contact:  Susan Koppers skoppers@livetargetlures.com

Best of Category – Saltwater Soft Lure – LIVETARGET
Product:  LIVETARGET Fleeing Shrimp
Contact: Susan Koppers skoppers@livetargetlures.com

Best of Category – Fly Reel – SEiGLER Reels
Product: Seigler MF Fly Reel
Contact:  Russell Seymour russell@seigler.fish

Best of Category – Freshwater Reel – Shimano American Corporation
Product:  Curado DC Baitcasting Reel
Contact: John Mazurkiewicz jpmazurk@ameritech.net

Best of Category – Saltwater Reel – Shimano American Corporation
Product: Tekota 500 Levelwind Reel
Contact: John Mazurkiewicz jpmazurk@ameritech.net

Best of Category – Rod & Reel Combo – Lew’s Fishing 
Product:  Team Lew’s® Custom Black LFS Combo
Contact:  Tony Mehri tmehri@hunterspec.com

Best of Category – Fly Fishing Rod – St. Croix Rods
Product:  Mojo Trout
Contact: Rich Belanger richb@stcroixrods.com

Best of Category – Freshwater Rod – St. Croix Rods
Product:  Legend Glass
Contact:  Rich Belanger richb@stcroixrods.com

Best of Category – Saltwater Rod – St. Croix Rods
Product:  Mojo Yak
Contact:  Rich Belanger richb@stcroixrods.com

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