Catfish Basics #026 – Put in Your Time on the Water – Jeremiah Keen and Andy Williams

Tournament anglers Jeremiah Keen and Andy Williams credit much of their success to their ability to pattern catfish. Knowing whether to go up river, down river, to fish deep or shallow, to cover structure or flats is an essential tool in finding that fish of a life time or to catch numbers of fish. Williams and Keen study water charts to pin point spots on their maps where fish are likely to congregate at that particular time.

“Time on the water and knowledge of the blues behaviors have been essential to knowing where to fish,” said Williams.

“Blue Cats are more migratory than other species,” said Keen. “Knowing where and when to look will help you in both quantity and quality of fish. Remember to pay attention to water conditions, temperature, and weather, and soon you will notice the patterns that will bring success to your next trip.”

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