Catfish Basics #032 – Finding the Right Bait ─ Paul Blackwell

Paul Blackwell operates Fish On Guide Service on Santee Cooper. Blackwell targets trophy catfish with an emphasis on conservation thru catch-photo-release (CPR) fishing. He is quick to point out the importance of experimenting with bait cuts to find the one they want.


Baits can and should be cut in different ways. Heads, steaks, fillets, etc. Then use them all to begin your day. Using a variety of baits will help identify the best cut on any given day. Experimentation is the key.


“I put out different cuts on different rods,” explained Blackwell. “For example, if I’m using 6 rods I’ll put 3 different cuts between the 6 rods. I use my Qwik 8 Bait Co. culling system to mark my rods with the different cuts of bait. I simply hook a different colored culling system on the rod holders. If I determine the fish are liking a particular cut, or one bait over another, I’ll switch all rods to that bait or cut of bait.”

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