Catfish Basics #038 – Start the day with change in mind — Capt. Paul Blackwell, Fish on Guide Service

When I am dragging, I like to start the day with several different baits in the water. For example, if I have 6 rods out I might have 2 with river herring, 2 with white perch, and 2 with cut shad. I also like to put the outside rods on Zakk Royce Planer Boards to get them further from the boat. A large percentage of my fish come off the boards.

Once the fish begin to sample the buffet they will tell me which bait they want on any particular day. Sometimes they want shad, but other times it may be perch. They really can be particular. Once we catch several fish on one particular bait, all six rods will get the same bait.

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