Catfish Basics #039 – Marking Catfish on Sonar — Larry Muse, Warrior Cat Rods

Sonar seems to improve yearly, and it has been one of the major changes in catfishing. Learning to identify what you are seeing on sonar can help you keep your bait in productive waters. Larry Muse enjoys suspend fishing and he uses a simple observation to determine if the fish he sees on sonar is catfish or some other species.

“My observations over years of fishing make me pretty sure of this,” said Muse. “I distinguish catfish from other fish by where they are in relation to the bait fish. When I am marking fish, I think they are catfish because I am marking big fish over little fish.”

“Everything else in the river is big fish under little fish,” continued Muse. “Those other fish are feeding up on bait. So, when I mark big fish suspended over little fish I am thinking that’s catfish. All I gotta’ do then is figure out how to get them to bite.”

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