Catfish Basics #040 – Vision — Jason Aycock, B’n’M Poles

What you see is what you get. The majority of the time that I am on the water, on the Mississippi or anywhere else, I am scanning the surface. I am looking for hints that will help me catch more catfish. If I see a change in current such as slow water or eddies, there has to be something there causing it.

If I see a cut in the bank, I know there is going to be a change of current. A rock dike will cause an eddy and a big bend will result in slower water on the downriver side. Finding a steep bank washed out by the current could be a honey hole. Keep your eyes peeled for conditions where your previous experiences showed you the big cats liked those settings.

One of my favorite things to spot is a revetment bank. Revetment banks are found where the Army Corps has come in and put big concrete square blocks, or big huge rocks, to keep the current from washing out the banks. The current hits these banks causing buckles in the revetments as it blows out the sand from underneath. The result is irregular bottoms that the catfish love. These are places of security for big blues to get in behind so they can sit and wait on a food source to float by.

Keep your eyes on the water looking for those hints that will put more fish in the boat.

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