Catfish Basics #043 – Tournament Travel – Joyce Muse, Corinth, MS

Editor’s Note: There are plenty of cat women that never wet a hook. That doesn’t mean they don’t support the sport. In fact, many of them are some of the best supporters and promoters the sport of catfishing has. Joyce Muse is a case in point. She has volunteered to help in many tournaments, doing whatever is needed. From keeping statistics to registering anglers, she has been there, done that as she accompanies her husband, Larry Muse, to catfishing events all over the country!

I want to begin by recognizing the women who do fish. They love what they do. Just ask some of the tournament fishing ladies like Teresa Owensby, Natalie Brooke Wilbanks, and so many other great fisher women. I would list more but I am afraid I would leave someone out. If you love to fish, join your husband and do it. You never know, you just might win some big money.

I can’t be called an angler, but I am guilty of supporting my husband in the sport he loves. I have traveled to many different locations because of the tournaments Larry fishes.

One of my favorite tournament towns is New Madrid, MO. If the women of catfishermen go with their husbands and don’t fish they should take advantage of where they are. New Madrid, for example, is a precious little town that offers a lot. The town turns out and supports the fishing tournaments. They have several old homes that you can tour, a museum, and even ghost tours in the fall.

Another of my favorite towns to tour is Richmond, VA. It is a beautiful city with Antebellum home tours. These are just two towns, think of the possibilities if you travel to the tournaments.

But the thing that really makes me travel with Larry is that he loves the support. I am always waiting for him at the weigh-in to take his picture with his fish. To us, even though I do not fish, these trips are our time together and it is cherished by us both.

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