Catfish Basics #049 – Keep Your Bait in the Water – Austin Pierce, Mena, AR

Seventeen-year-old Austin Pierce has been catfishing for most of his life. He likes to catfish with his daddy Carson Pierce on the Mississippi River. They started getting serious about tournament fishing a couple months before the 2017 Mississippi River Monsters tournament. He says he has learned one very important thing about fishing for catfish from his dad. And really it relates to common sense.


“Don’t spend all day looking at your fish finder,” advises Austin. “You can’t catch a catfish without a bait in the water. That’s the most important thing that we have found.”


“We look for where the river widens and we fish the west bank,” concluded Austin. “We use the fish finder more as a GPS for navigation.”


Editor’s Note: Austin Pierce teamed up with George Young Jr. to win the Cabela’s King Kat tournament at Helena, AR. Austin made his daddy mighty proud by helping to catch 334.22 pounds in the two-day event on the Mississippi River.

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