Catfish Basics #057 – Move in the Winter – Jody Beavin, B’n’M Poles

There is no reason not to use the same basic bait and rigs in the winter. We use skipjack and if we can find it, fresh shad. But 90% of the time we use skipjack from Bassnmore and the Catfish Bunker right here in Owensboro. My favorite rig is a simple 3-way rig without a float. There is no need for a float in the winter if there is current. Sometimes we use a Carolina rig with sinker slides but I prefer the 3-way rigs.

Mainly, don’t be afraid to move around a lot. In other words, don’t set up on anchor for too long. All our big fish usually come within the first 5 to 10 minutes but we normally allow 25 to 30 minutes per spot. After we catch a fish or get a big bite, we add 10 minutes to the clock. For example, if we set up and within 15 minutes, we catch a fish we will add 10 minutes to the 30 minutes. But we won’t set there all day with no fish.

Also, don’t be afraid to target one big fish in structure in the winter time. Sometimes it pays off to set up on one fish instead of looking for multiple fish to set up on.

Accuracy on anchor is key. Anglers must be precise and know where the structure is. Use the GPS on your fishfinder to set up above where you want to target your baits. Determine exactly how many feet from the structure you are and don’t forget to add the depth of the water to the distance on the GPS.

One winter day Trish and I jumped 6 spots one day and finally on the 6th spot, within 10 minutes, we put a 60-pound blue in the boat! It pays to move around.

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