Catfish Connections

Welcome to the November edition of CatfishNow (CFN) digital magazine and social media platform. November brings cooler weather and a lot of anglers are shifting gears from fishing to hunting, but there is still plenty of good catfishing in the months ahead.

Aaron Wheatley’s Monsters on the Ohio just completed another successful tournament in October as the tournament trails slow down considerably in colder weather. But, Steve Dobbs has his Hold’em Hook Christmas for Kids tournament on November 18th. Jody Harrison is hard at work on the Winter Blues on Wheeler tournament to be held on January 6th and Michael Lawrence will bring Icebowl 2018 to Clarksville VA on Saturday January 27th. If you recall, Dale Russel Lowe Jr. caught that 141.76-pound beast last year in the Icebowl, so cold weather is not an excuse to quit fishing.

Our major goal at CatfishNow is to promote the sport of catfishing through positive content that enlightens and educates our readers on techniques, destinations and issues related to the sport. We are extremely pleased to bring you this month’s collection of catfish related content.

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Fish with passion,

Ron Presley, Editor

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