Catfish Connections

Summer 2018 is upon us and with it has come major weather impacts, setting new levels of flooding, destructive winds, etc. Weather, however, is not the only major impact to our lives and our fishing. Invasive species are impacting our major waterways, lakes and rivers.

The list of invasive species includes nonnative water grasses, fish, mussels, etc. When these are introduced into our environments it upsets the balance nature has developed over millions of years in that area. The impacts can be devastating to existing plants and living things.

Two invasive species that I believe we need to tackle together, in unity between states and fishing types (i.e., catfish, crappie, bass, brim, etc.), is the Asian carp and zebra mussel explosion. Experts are struggling to find solutions not only for specific lakes, streams etc., but waters that span many states. Fixing part of the problem for one state on the Mississippi River for example and not for the other states will not really fix it. It is going to take a joint effort to resolve it!

Many areas along the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers are seeing gamefish, to include catfish, starving and disappearing in numbers. The Asian carp compete for the same food as the shad. The carp are able to outnumber and out eat other species. The shad are disappearing and that takes away the food base for the catfish and game fish.

I don’t have the answers either but I ask that you join us in writing and calling your representatives, state DNR offices and the Corp of Engineers to ask that they form pacts between our states, so policies can be formed that benefit all and resources can be combined to fight this major blight.


Don’t forget, take a child fishing and let them enjoy our wonderful outdoors.


God bless and good fishing,


Dan Dannenmueller, Publisher

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