Catfish Connections

Many issues face our country, some of which impact fishing while many do not. Environmental policy and pollutant issues, invasive species and urbanization impact our sport of catfishing. We attempt to provide information as it pertains to some of these, while also providing the how-to techniques to help improve your fishing experience.

Major strides are being made to detect and hinder pollutants from entering our ecosystems. Fertilizers, pesticides, septic seeps, heavy metals all affect the levels of life in our streams and rivers. These are complex issues and impact someone either financially or personally. Human and wildlife impacts abound.

Invasive species, such as the Asian Carp, zebra mussels, snakeheads etc., are causing major impacts on our river systems and associated lakes. If left unchecked, we will not have robust fishing waters. It will take everyone to pitch in to control or eradicate these impacts. We will address these in editions of our ezines but need your help to contact your political representatives to help facilitate research and funds to study ways to fix these problems.

Keeping people and especially children in the outdoors while living in urban areas is a must. The future of fishing depends upon it. The NPAA, ASA and many other reputable functions are helping to promote programs to accomplish this effort.

Lastly, practicing conservation will help to keep the big fish swimming in our wonderful lakes and rivers. Release the giants to reproduce from their great genes and allow them to be caught and released another day. Follow all length limits and keep the number of fish to consume within the limits dictated by each state’s laws.

Catfish Now will highlight all of these issues in our monthly editions and push them out via social media as well. Tell all your friends to come and read the zine.


God Bless and Catch one for me,


Dan Dannenmueller, Publisher

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