Catfish Connections

The holidays are upon us which also means “winter.” Brrrrr. The fishing slows down and our attention turns to preparing for the new fishing season and to our loved ones. What are some of these items that help us prepare for next season?

First, if you are not going to use your boat and motor for the next several months, it is important that you winterize it. Concerning your motor and fuel system, be sure to treat the remaining gas with a fuel treatment which will keep water out, octane up and contains anti-corrosives. Yamaha has several products on the market which can do this as well as other boat manufacturers and fuel treatment companies. Replace your fuel filters both along the fuel line, if you have an inline filter, and in the motor. Pull your spark plugs and fog each cylinder to ensure no rust forms within the walls of the cylinder. Cover your boat and motor to protect your gel coat, paint, and seats from being harmed from the sun’s rays if you keep the boat outside. Lastly, pull your drain plug to keep water from collecting in the hull.

Secondly, I pull all my tackle out of the boat, truck, etc. I re-sort, look at ropes, life vests, rods and reels, tackle boxes, etc. so I can see what requires replacement or fixing. Concerning life vests, if they are inflatable, be sure to check that the cylinder is not expired. By pulling everything and inspecting it you then can put together a super list for Christmas gifts and make your order for the tackle that needs to be replaced.

Last but not least, be there for your family and put trust in your Creator. Life is short and there is so much to do before our time here is complete.


God Bless you all,


Dan Dannenmueller, Publisher

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