Catfish Connections

Recently, my professional fishing partner, Garrett Steele, and I collaborated with Sure Life to produce products which sustain fish while in the livewell, fish holding areas and for bait. The main reason was to help preserve the fish not only while in captivity during tournament etc. but also after release.  For us, it is important to keep the trophies alive for future generations.

Garrett and I also signed with a company called Survivor which introduces fresh water through the pumping system while you a running on plane or pad from place to place on the water.  Again, we did this to help introduce and support products to conserve our trophy fish.

Over my lifetime, I have witnessed impoundments, lakes and rivers negatively impacted due to over harvest and a lack of good conservation practices by all.  Tournaments are part of the equation but not the only factor.  We must all practice appropriate conservation practices by only taking what is legal for the waters fished and turn back the largest fish to help keep the fish populations up for all.

We at CatfishNow will do our part to help inform, consult and properly address issues which impact our rights to fish in all public waters and work with state and federal agencies to help fund and set proper guidelines as appropriate.

We are hoping to build a relationship with all clubs, tournament trails, associations, regional tournaments, etc. so we can ask for and provide information to all to better serve our fishing fraternity.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you should desire more info or request assistance.


God Bless All!

Dan Dannenmueller, Publisher

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