Catfish Connections

           dan-dannenmueller_headshot Welcome everyone to the first edition of CatfishNow digital magazine and social media platform. After contemplating the launch of another digital magazine for two years, the right ingredients have come together – owner, editor, writing staff and sponsors.

            After six successful years of pioneering the CrappieNow digital magazines I have been blessed to secure the writing and editing talents of Mr. Ron Presley to serve as senior writer and editor. Additionally, probably the best catfish writer in the world, Mr. Keith “Catfish” Sutton has come on board to share his vast knowledge of catfishing.

            Adding their own expertise to the CatfishNow content is a talented lineup of other writers that come from all across the country. They are ready and willing to add their personal touch and knowledge to the magazine. Coupled with my publishing experienced, outstanding writers and a dedicated social media staff, we have the platform to successfully reach the catfish community in so many ways.

            I have challenged my staff to push the margins for the best pictures and content for the beginner to the experienced, no matter where they are in the world. Content will be based on helping you catch more fish during that month the magazine is published. Our content will be timely, accurate, challenging, beautiful and rewarding.

            Together, we want the magazine and social media to reach all catfishing groups, clubs, guides and tournament trails at the national, regional and local levels. We also want to hear from you so we can post and write about your own successes.

            To do all this free of charge for you the reader, we will seek good sponsors who we will be rewarded with content and reach to help promote their products and their product development. The bottom line is the desire to contribute to the sport and expand it to benefit of all.

            I also invite you to like our CatfishNow Facebook page, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and by all means, visit our website at and read the magazine each month.

            I encourage you to send us pictures for our monthly photo contest where you might be the lucky winner of a CatfishNow prize pack.

God bless and good luck fishing,


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