Catfish Gear #005 — Hurricane Anchors

The durability and effectiveness of Hurricane Anchors is well known by many catfish anglers. The new customized anchors don’t only get the job done, they look good too.

With two sizes to choose from anglers no longer have to worry about slipping away from that favorite fishing spot. The 18-pound version will hold up to a 20-foot deep-V or pontoon. Hurricane anchors are powder coated for longer life. The 18-pound anchor sells for $70 plus shipping and handling. A customized version with your personal logo, like the ones shown in the photo, is available for $110.

For those of you with larger boats the 24-pound, plain powder coated, models sell for $75 or $115 for the customized types. Shipping runs around $20 to $30, depending on where you live.

“I was one of the first to start using them,” said catfish guide and tournament angler, Paul Blackwell. “It was a couple of years ago when they first went public. Hurricane Anchors hold really good, regardless of the lake bottom.”


For more information visit and like their Facebook page or call Chris Gaines at 864-617-5929.

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