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January 2016


Below The Surface:
The Bank Tramp.....4

  by Ron Presley
  Fishing opportunities in the United Kingdom don’t compare to America, but
  the size of the wels catfish makes it a worthy target.

Beating the Odds on Fall Cats
in Santee Cooper Country....10

   by Ken Cook
   Fall catfishing can be dicey. Water temperature, depth, presence of
   structure, wind direction and cool-water fish movements are all factors
   that play a role in the outcome of your trip.

Catfish Profiles in Passion – Larry Muse.....16

   by Ron Presley
   Larry Muse is well known in catfish circles. His willingness to share
   information with other anglers, his humor, and importantly, his faith in his
   creator, are the things that people remember about him.

 Runnin’ and Gunnin’.....22

     by Glenn Flowers
     If you are not inclined to make long waits with big baits, here is a way
     to put some excitement in your trip. Adopt the run and gun technique
     described in this story to put more fish in the boat.

 Catfish Weekly National Catfish

     by Ron Presley
     A true National Catfish Championship should incorporate a qualifying
     process that allows catfish anglers from across the county to earn the
     right to compete in the national event.


Catfish Basics #007....9    Catfish Speak....33

Catfish Basics #008....15   BnM How To....34
                            Tournament Results....35
Catfish Conservation....20
Catfish Kids....26          Catfish Clubs....36
River Rumors....30          Catfish Calendar....37
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