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explained Mutton. “More often than not it is
on a first come first serve basis. I frequent Most big cats in the UK come from lakes
two of these near my home. One is pay on          where they have been stocked.

arrival and the other is book in advance.”
	 The next alternative is fishing clubs.
Clubs often have private lakes and ponds or       opportunity to fish in my carp organization.”
have licensed sections of canals and rivers       	 The only other option is private fisheries
for fly fishing and coarse fishing. “Club waters  where no access is given to the public.
are owned by a local fishing club,” explained     Fishing is restricted to the owner and guests
Mutton. “A club ticket is purchased for the       when resources are privately owned.

year. Anglers can fish all the waters owned       Techniques and Terminology
by the club.”                                     	 Mutton’s favorite UK fishing hole is
	 The final option is syndicate waters.           Split Lake in Yateley, Hampshire. He uses
“This is where a group of people get together     two basic rigs to target the wels catfish in
and buy or lease the fishing rights from the      Split Lake. The techniques are similar to
landowner,” explained Mutton. “All the people     those used in the US, but the terminology is
in the syndicate are then entitled to fish it.”   different.
	 Syndicate waters are the most exclusive
fishing because members are usually kept to
a low number and prices are high. Mutton          Polyball Rig
gave an example of a carp syndicate where         Polyball rigs are used when you want to keep
he is a member. “I pay £500 a year for the        the bait stationary, but off the bottom. It is
                                                  thought by many, that baits up off the bottom

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