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are easier to find and attract more fish. Mutton 	 Next Mutton ties a running ledger. “A
prefers this rig with live bait.         running ledger is what you guys refer to as
	 Mutton starts with about 12 inches of a slip sinker,” clarified Mutton. “Usually the
fairly stiff leader material. His preference is ledger or sinker is attached to a ceramic ring
Hi-Seas Fluorocarbon in 40-pound test, to that is free to slide up the line. This rig offers
which he ties an Owner 5180 Cutting Point no resistance to a catfish picking up the bait.
hook. His hook is either a 4/0 for bigger baits This rig is usually employed statically fished
or 2/0 for smaller.                      from the bank.”
	 “I push a short length of silicone sleeve 	 “I thread a 4-ounce lead on a large
over the eye of the hook,” explains Mutton. diameter run ring and a 10mm rubber shock
“A three-foot length of light line, something bead on my 100-pound test UniCat braid.
around five pound breaking strength, is I add a 180-pound test stainless swivel to
threaded through the silicone and tied to the the end of the mainline to complete the
eye of the hook.”                        running ledger. The rig is completed by tying
	 “The silicone acts as a boom for the the hooklink, with polyball attached, to the
hook,” continued Mutton. “I make a loop in swivel.”
the end of the light line and thread it through 	 Mutton’s favorite bait is a 4 ounce carp.
the polyball (a buoyant Styrofoam ball) using “I lip hook a carp and cast the rig to the desired
a baiting needle.” The polyball is kept in place spot. Allow the polyball to float to the surface
with an accessory called a boilie stop.  and then tighten down so you have tension

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