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on the line. This means that the polyball will   The wels catfish is the only species of
be nicely visible on the surface and the bait                    catfish in the UK.
will be suspended underneath it.”

Straight Running Ledger                          and luncheon meat,” said Mutton. “My
	 “The other method I employ is a                favorite bait on this rig is Big Cat Oily Hybrids.
straightforward running ledger,” offered         These are fished over a bed of pellet using
Mutton. “I prefer this rig for cut and prepared  bite alarms with lightweight bobbins and a
baits. It is the same running ledger described   baitrunner reel.”
before, but I replace the polyball hooklink.”    	 Mutton’s choice of fishing spot is
	 “I start with a 24-inch length of a supple     governed by many factors. Features that the
abrasion resistant braid. My personal favorite   catfish will lay up in is an obvious starting
is UniCat Warlock in 94-pound breaking           point. “Undercut banks, deep holes, areas of
strength. Attach a 1/0 Big Cat cutting point     weed growth and overhanging trees will all
hook.                                            hold wels catfish,” advises Mutton. “They offer
	 The Bank Tramp uses a knotless knot            reduced light intensity during the middle of the
to attach his bait on a hair rig. The hair rig   day when the cats are often dormant. Since
allows the bait to be presented without setting  wels catfish are predatory, concentrations of
directly on the hook. It works effectively with  baitfish will obviously be an area where the
many different baits.                            cats will be hunting and so also offer a clue
	 “I use mackerel chunks, halibut pellets

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