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 Shallow water wels catfish will make              shallow water, instead of heading down, the
 long runs when first hooked. It can be            cats will run on very powerful runs,” described
 quite a battle as they rip off line from          Mutton. “They often take in excess of 60 or
                                                   70 yards of line on the first run. They will tear
                       the reel.                   off and attempt to run into weed beds, tree
                                                   roots, etc., in a bid for freedom.”
to where the cats may be.”                         	 “The only way to fight them in this
The Hookup                                         situation is with the drag on the reel wound
	 “The key to fighting large catfish is to         in and really try to bully the fish away from
not let them charge off on an uncontrolled run     the snags,” instructed Mutton. “When wels
when first hooked,” instructed Mutton. “They       catfish are close to being landed this can be
are big powerful fish. It is important to fight    a particularly dangerous time. They will turn
them hard. A phrase I often use is that you        and run again just when the angler thinks
are either the boss or the bitch.”                 they are beaten.”
	 “Wels catfish generally fight in one of          	 “They also have the ability to swim
two ways,” continued Mutton. “In deep water        backwards,” added Mutton in a final piece
they will often hug the bottom and either          of advise. “They will employ this tactic when
refuse to move or will swim around in circles.     being netted. The wels catfish gives it’s all
In this instance the fight is all about trying to  during the fight and will often be extremely
lift them up off the bottom. This is easier said   exhausted at the end, and so will the angler!”
than done with fish in excess of 100 pounds.”
Skinny water fish behave a little different. “In                                                      - Ron Presley

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