Catfish Basics #001 – Fresh Bait and Presentation

Savvy catfish anglers realize the importance of fresh bait, but you need to take it one step further. “One of the biggest problems in catfishing can be having the right bait,” says four-time Cabela’s King Kat Angler of the Year, Carl Morris Jr. “You need good fresh bait and then be able to determine the presentation that they are looking for.”

101520160_01_catfish_basics_carl_morris_photo“It is not as important on smaller size fish,” continued Morris. “Typically you can catch 2 to 15 pound fish without much issue. I believe however, as they get bigger, they also get a little smarter because they have been caught a few times. Now your presentation becomes more important. The more natural you can present the bait the better your odds of catching the big ones. Good bait along with presentation is always a key to catching bigger fish.”


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