Catfish Basics #003 – The Case of the Fickle Forager

It is no secret that most humans have a variable appetite when it comes to what they like to eat. Hamburgers look good one day, but maybe a steak looks better the next. It’s not that far a stretch to imagine that catfish have  variable tastes in food too.

111520160_03_catfish_basics_owensby_photoTeresa Owensby attacks the fickle food problem by offering up something different from time to time. “Something we do is fish with different cuts of bait,” instructed Teresa. “Sometimes we feed them the heads. Sometimes we feed them chunks. Even fillets are served up on occasion. Other times it may be a whole fish, slit to release the blood and smell.”

If you have several different cuts out at any given time it becomes an experiment to see what they take off of the buffet. “The one that gets the most hits is what you should use that day,” advises Teresa.


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