Catfish Basics #007 – All in the Family

Catfishing is a family sport. If you don’t think so, just ask Jennifer Keach King. “My tip is coming from a family perspective,” said Jennifer. “ALWAYS get the kids involved!”

Today’s kids relate well to anything electronic and Jennifer gets her son Conner involved with another type of electronics instead of what most kids are playing with today. “Get them off the electronics and off the couch,” advises Jennifer. “Now that we have the Lowrance HDS 12, Connor can be on the electronics in the boat showing us how to use the touchscreen and find the fish!”

“Electronics helps us a lot to pinpoint areas that hold good catfish,” continued Jennifer.  “When you spend lots of time on the water with your family you will learn these areas and you can do it with the help of your kids. I think catfishing is a great family sport!”

Jenifer is not alone. The growing sport of catfishing is a family sport and more and more families are joining in on the fun. So, take your kids with you on that next catfish outing and take advantage of their natural inclination to understand and enjoy the electronic world we live in. They can teach you about electronics and you can teach them about fishing.

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