Catfish Basics #019 – Cut Your Bait for Action – Jason “Big Cat” Mathenia

Sometimes you go out there and the head is all they want, other times it’s a chunk. I haven’t completely figured it out, but I’m sure there is something going on there.

One thing I do know is that you can cut your bait a certain way and make it do different things. Even though it is cut bait, you can actually change the action of your presentation.

One scenario where I find the need to experiment is when the water is dropping. That condition is always a big factor in fishing. This is when you have to do something different, think a little outside the box.

I am telling you that presentation means a lot. Is it fluttering, spinning, or flapping? Experiment with different cuts when the bite is slow. Change the way you cut the bait and you might just change your luck.

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