Catfish Basics #024 – Strategize for Success – Lisa Hill– Texarkana, TX

I am motivated to fish competitively because of my love for the sport. I’ve been catfishing now for three years and have become comfortable with different techniques. The challenge of a tournament is to find fish, usually in unfamiliar waters. Preplanning will improve your success.

My tip for someone fishing a tournament is to strategize. Begin by studying your Navionics and look for conditions where big catfish would most likely be.

Your electronics will help you find changes in contour or any type of structure, such as a collapsed bridge. If fishing in fast moving current look for structure that would break the current, such as a wing dike. Also look for variations in depth, subtle drops, ledges, old road beds and flooded creeks. These places hold catfish.

If you can present the right bait in the right place, at the right time, you are likely to to entice the big fish you hope to catch.

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