Catfish Basics #028 – Give Tournament Fishing a Try – Jonathan Cooksey, Whisker Seeker Tackle and Whisker Wear Apparel

I talk to people all the time that would like to fish competitive catfish tournaments, but won’t enter due to the fact they don’t think they can compete. I believe the learning curve is better now than it has ever been. I would like to encourage anyone thinking about fishing a catfish tournament to enter. If I can have some success, anyone can.

There are very few sports where beginners can compete against the top-level anglers and luckily competitive catfishing is one of them. Get involved and I’ll bet you’ll be surprised by how much you learn in a short period of time. Most of the big names in catfishing are eager to help. I know because they’ve helped me along my journey.

I realize that tournament fishing is not for everyone, but how will you know if you never give it a chance. I have made some very good friends from meeting them at tournaments. It is amazing how you can relate to someone when you share the same interests. This is a good time to begin tournament catfishing and help to grow our sport for the better.

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