Catfish Basics #029 – Five Basic Fishing Tips – Cooper Jackson

Ten-year-old Cooper Jackson is this month’s cover boy. He is lucky enough to have a catfishing father, Rusty Jackson, to take him fishing. Evidently, he has been paying attention on the river because he has some tips for other youngsters.

  1. Fishing is a lot like school. You need to do your homework to find fish because catching is the easy part.
  2. Don’t use sissy rods when trying to catch big catfish. They will break your stuff!
  3. Don’t miss them in the net, they could come off if they aren’t hooked good.
  4. Make sure they are really good and alive before you release them.
  5. And remember, if they are not biting, you can always start using the bathroom or open some candy to eat – that will make them bite for sure!
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