Catfish Basics #036 – Something Smells Keith “Catfish” Sutton

Are you killing your chances to catch catfish by engaging in simple behavior that can be managed? Keith “Catfish” Sutton is a catfish fanatic, author, and CatfishNow contributor. He has been helping anglers catch more and bigger catfish for years through his books and articles.

“Always avoid handling or getting sunscreen, insect repellent, gasoline or tobacco products on your hands,” advises Sutton. “Studies done by Dr. John Caprio at LSU show catfish senses, particularly the senses of taste and smell, can detect even minuscule amounts of these things, which they avoid.

Even less than a drop that accidentally gets on your bait can lead to avoidance by whiskerfish, and you’ll go home without so much as a nibble.”

Anglers can find more catfish tips and related information in his latest book, “Hardcore Catfishing: Beyond the Basics.”

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