Catfish Basics #045 – Check Deep in August – Mark Blauvelt, B’n’M Poles

Late summer channels cats can be tough, but on lakes it’s the time of year when all fish are done spawning close to the banks and now are moving back out into deeper water. They are following the bait schools out into the main lake.

Anglers should look for fish out close to the creek channels and deeper mud flats. Trolling and dragging baits is a great way to catch these scattered fish because you can cover a lot of water.

Late summer also means the fish have moved off the banks. They can now be found along current seams, in large woodpiles, and ledges close to deep water.

The key here is to recognize that the fish you caught near the bank all spring have now moved into deeper water. Anglers need to move with the fish to be successful. Try deeper water in the late summer.

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