Catfish Basics #053 – CPR More Than Ten – Conner King, Mt. Vernon, Indiana

CPR is the best thing to do with a catfish that is 10 pounds or above. The only way we can preserve this great sport is if we release all the big fish we catch.

I promote it by telling anyone that asks why we don’t keep them. I explain to them that I want to be able to take my kids and grandkids catfishing as my dad and grandpa have for me.

If the catfish continue to be taken out of the rivers there is not going to be any big fish left. This is a great sport for everyone to enjoy and I hate to see the rivers being ruined.


Editor’s Note: Fourteen-year-old Conner is the son of Jennifer and Wayne King. According to Jennifer, the family plans their vacations around fishing and lives by a credo of faith, family, and fishing friends. Conner has a true passion for tournament fishing with his dad and others.

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