Catfish Basics #067 – Prep for Success – Anietra Hamper, Three Word Press

I don’t really fit the mold of your typical female catfish angler so people often misjudge me from first appearances. Rest assured that my grandpa had me digging my own nightcrawlers by the age of four and my reward was going fishing with him—so I’m the real deal. I bait my own hooks. Catch my own fish. And I usually out-fish the boys because I’m committed.

I don’t have a boat, so preparation before the trip is essential to be successful. A small commitment of time before you bait that hook can make the day what you want it to be.

Without the mobility of a boat, your approach to bank fishing for catfish has to be strategic. Prepping by analyzing a topography map of the waterway you are fishing (available from most state department of natural resources websites) can maximize your time and opportunity.

Look for peninsulas that intersect with channels and main waterways where there is a change in the current and a varied bank structure. Study the curves and depths of the location to determine your tackle and bait and then chart out at least two locations. If the bite is not happening in one spot you have a backup game plan in place.

Note: Anietra Hamper is an award-winning published travel writer and photographer. See her feature article in this issue on 5 Things Men Can Learn from Female Anglers. Check out her passion for fishing and outdoor adventure on her website at

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