Catfish Basics #068 – Planer Boards – Tyra Eger-Williams

Tyra Eger-Williams is a lady angler and nurse with a new found passion for catfishing. She partnered up with her stepdaughter, Kate Walton, as Team OUTTA LINE to fish the inaugural Chick Fight tournament on Wheeler Lake. They brought in the biggest fish of the tournament with a 56.49-pound blue which helped them to finish in 5th place overall.

Tyra has fished a handful of tournaments before and credits her husband Craig for what she knows about catfishing.

“I know what I know from my husband,” joked Tyra. “But my favorite way to catfish is trolling with planer boards. Obviously, that is only if conditions allow.

When trolling I recommend getting your boards way off to the side—as far out as you can. And don’t reach for the pole as soon as you get a bite. Let those bad boys set the hook for you!”

Tyra has already planned on making the drive from her home in Ohio to wherever Chick Fight 2020 will be.

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