Catfish Basics #071 – Mixed Bag in the Fall – Josh Brown, Backwoods Catfishing

Late September is one of my favorite times to catch big flatheads in the river. As we reach the end of September water temperatures normally begin to fall.

During this time the catfish will be feeding heavily and will be aggressive all the way through fall, especially flatheads.

Fishing shallow flats at night near structure and fishing wood structure during the day will produce those aggressive flatheads. About 4 to 6 weeks later I will start targeting the lake for blues. But will catch them in the mix when targeting the flatheads.

I’ll catch good fish on live bait from time to time but as long as it’s fresh cut bait natural to that water you can’t go wrong. I mostly use cut skipjack. That seems to produce most of the monster 50-pound plus flatheads.

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