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Welcome to the September edition of CatfishNow (CFN) digital magazine and social media platform. It is hard to do anything these days without thinking about the people of Texas and Louisiana that have been devastated by Hurricane Harvey. If there is anything good to come from it, it is the response of good people from every walk of life. These volunteer responders have proven once again just how great America is.

My support will have to be of the monetary kind, and I urge you to do the same. Just be careful to who you give to, because there are some scammers out there.

I got tears in my eyes and sorrow in my heart looking at the disaster on TV. Yet, I was heartened by the fact that I saw so many of my friends responding with boats, food, water, and more importantly their own loving hearts and labor. Thank you to all that provided physical assistance to those in need.

September brings cooler weather and good fishing. September and October are loaded with year ending tournaments that catfish anglers look forward to.

If you are a tournament angler you need to read Mark Blauvelt’s story on tournament mortality. He makes a case for giving more attention to tournament livewells as a means of improving the practice of catch and release fishing.

Recreational anglers with an interest in catching some cats for the dinner table will enjoy the story from Santee Cooper. The story reveals the specific way that one South Carolina angler puts catfish on the table.

Terry Madewell chronicles a tournament angler’s actions on Lake Wylie and Brad Durick offers up his Rule of 4 catfish strategy. This month’s Catfish Profiles in Passion is about the Masingale brothers, two of the most successful tournament anglers around.

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Our goal at CatfishNow is to help the sport of catfishing grow, to the benefit of all. We look forward to your comments and will seriously consider them as input for future editions.

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We are extremely pleased to bring you this month’s collection of catfish related content and we hope you will share it with your friends, relatives and other catfish enthusiasts.


Fish with passion,

Ron Presley, Editor

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