Catfish Connections

CatfishNow celebrates its one-year anniversary with this edition. We are so proud to be part of the catfish community and all the wonderful people who love this sport. From amateur to professional, there is a place for everyone to enjoy reading about and learning from our content.

We ask that you share our digital, free magazine with all your friends and family. Our goal is to share knowledge and how-to information that is good for everyone, anywhere. Our staff not only believes this but lives it.

As an American, I believe fishing is one of the best ways to teach our children and our friends and family what nature and our planet is all about. It is a way to disperse the stresses of everyday life and experience the great outdoors. Basic positive values can be shaped by our experiences.

For those anglers that desire to grow to the professional level in the sport, there must be ways to teach and display the right values, actions, and principles that define a “professional.” Several non-for-profit activities are now focusing on these and the one I would recommend is the NPAA. Originally this activity was focused on many fish species in only the most northern states, but now is focused on all species, regardless of location.

The NPAA focuses on, and helps define, “professionalism” and how to become a pro in the sport of fishing. They also represent fishermen and families in the political world to protect our rights. I recommend you join as a member at, I have.

Local catfishing clubs are also a great source of information. Many clubs have formed and been in existence around the world. If you want to learn from others, this would be another way. Many clubs include seminars and how-to info on the websites and social media pages. Many of those clubs are listed in each issue of CatfishNow if you are looking for one in your area.

Last, but not least, take a child fishing. My dad and grandparents took me and I have never left the sport. At the age of 64 years, the memories of our trips, with the cane poles tied to the rain gutter on their car, will never leave me.


Thank you for being part of our magazine.


Dan Dannenmueller Sr.

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