Catfish Connections

Happy February everyone! A new fishing year is upon us and we face several challenges, one being how we can deal with invasive species in our waterways. This is becoming an all-out survival war and we need to become involved.

Several invasive fish (Asian Carp for example) are causing major spawning and population disruptions along our major rivers, even to the point of overcrowding our catfish populations and the availability of food. The Mississippi, Ohio and now the Tennessee rivers among countless others are being over taken by Asian Carp.

Serious control efforts are being attempted by our fish biologists, the Corp of Engineers, etc. to find ways that we may control the prolific breading by these fish. The answers are not easy ones. Harvesting seems to be one way but, there must be a profitable market in which to sell them. There is a market in Asia with numerous consumers willing to purchase them but, trade imbalances have not allowed for a profitable market. Hopefully, our nation’s leaders can help balance this market and allow for commercial fishing of these invasive species.

I have heard of fishermen harvesting them for fertilizing top soil in farming fields, netting to feed the hungry, and numerous other methods. All these methods will help but, must be sustained to make a major impact.

I highly recommend that all fisherman unite and reach out to our legislators both at the local and national levels to highlight the issue and keep pushing for control of this epidemic. We at CatfishNow will do our part to bring this problem to the forefront.


God Bless,


Dan Dannenmueller, Publisher

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