Catfish Connections

The catfish community is a caring group of people. Month after month the evidence is clear. When a fellow catfish angler is faced with adversity in their life, someone always steps up to help.

I have witnessed those misfortunes and the corresponding responses time and time again. Houses have burned, tackle has been destroyed or stolen, life has been lost, dogs have been lost, or maybe someone was stuck on the water. Regardless of the situation, some catfish anglers always came to the rescue. I don’t expect it to change in the future.

I believe that the positive and caring attitude of the majority of the catfish community will win out in the long run over the drama that occurs from a few. Let’s stay optimistic and push forward. We all can contribute to the growth of the sport through our actions that often speak louder than words.

As always, I wish to thank all the great sponsors that support us here at Catfish Now. It is because of them that we are able to offer the contents of the magazine to our readers free of charge. I hope you will help me thank them by considering their products when you are in the market for catfish equipment and supplies.

We are extremely pleased to bring you this month’s collection of catfish related content with a special emphasis on the women of the sport. We ask you to share this issue with your friends, relatives and other catfish enthusiasts. By doing so you just might help them catch more Catfish Now.


Fish with passion,

Ron Presley, Editor

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