Catfish Connections

Finally, spring is trying to bust loose and with it comes fantastic catfishing. Bring on the sun, warmer water, and an electrified catfish bite! It’s a new year which can also mean new products and capabilities.

New electronic capabilities from Garmin, Live Scope, have enhanced fish identification beyond our anticipated expectations. Guide trips, tournaments, fun fishing may never be better. Change can be positive and negative; hard for some and easy for others.

I will date myself by confessing, I began fishing with the wonderful Hummingbird Flasher. It improved my fishing experience on all levels. Then came the paper graphs, liquid screens etc. At each improvement, I had to reinvest when I could afford it and it improved my fishing experiences each time. I have to admit, I am one that likes change even at my senior age but it does demand time, patience and resources.

Recently, I have read and heard many concerns about the Garmin Live Scope super technology. Some think that no one can compete against those who can obtain it and use it to its full capabilities. I heard these same concerns surrounding new bait technologies and techniques and even each of the past technology leaps I mentioned earlier. It is a tool for your toolbox but the fisherman is still the one making the casts, making technique decisions and setting strategies.

I am looking forward to the day that our electronics embrace the capabilities of our smaller but more powerful computers and phones! In the past, the replacement schedules for computers and phones were every five years and now, they are outdated in a year. My grandchildren can embrace the capabilities quicker than I can as they experience the technologies at a very young age.

Change, when correctly applied, can be a good thing. So, I leave you with one major thought, never lose the focus on why we fish for either competition or for fun. The tools are developed to help us be more successful. Let’s leave the drama on the land and use what works best for us to obtain stress relief and FUN. FISH ON!

God Bless and Good Fishing,

Dan Dannenmueller, Publisher

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