Catfish Connections

Welcome everyone to the January edition of CatfishNow (CFN) Digital Magazine and Social Media Platform. We are extremely pleased to bring you our monthly collection of catfish related content. We hope you will share it with your friends, relatives and other catfish enthusiasts.

There is a world of interest in catfishing these days and we plan to continue bringing you new and exciting stories related to the sport. Our December 2016 issue included a story on wels catfishing in Spain and this issue has a story on fishing for wels cats in the UK.

This month, veteran outdoor writer Ken Cook brings you a channel cat story from South Carolina and Glenn Flowers writes about his favorite catfish, the flathead.

I would like to bring your attention to our column on Why We Catfish and invite you to participate.  Last month you heard from Jimmy Holbrook and Layla Ledbetter. This month, Paul Blackwell reveals some of the reasons he likes to catfish. Why We Catfish is a guest spot, provided for reader submitted editorials. If you have a short story related to why you catfish, you may submit it for consideration and publication in a future issue of CatfishNow. Send submissions of 500 words or less and one or two hi-res photos to me at

As always, I encourage you, as readers and advertisers, to continue sending us feedback. We want CFN’s content to be aimed at growing the sport of catfishing to the benefit of all. We look forward to your comments and will seriously consider them as input for future editions.

I also want to thank our great sponsors that stand beside us and make CatfishNOW available to readers for free. I certainly encourage you to reciprocate by supporting them when you can.

As we begin this new year, my hope is that all cat men and cat women will unite in an effort to grow the wonderful sport of catfishing. Our wish for you is that 2017 is your best year ever for catfishing. The staff at CatfishNow wishes you tight lines and personal bests in the new year.


Fish with passion,

Ron Presley, Editor

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