Catfish Connections

I was recently asked whether fishing was just about tournaments. My reply was absolutely not. It is just a very visible platform which can highlight the sport, provide a competitive platform for people who like to compete and a way to create new productive techniques. This is true of any sport. Based on this question, it got me to thinking about what we are trying to accomplish with our CatfishNow fishing resource.

We want to provide a very easy way for anyone to learn how to Catfish. We realize that there are many levels of knowledge about the sport from beginner to professional. This requires our staff to provide how-to info on techniques for each level. Our job is to teach, promote, and give you a way to have relaxing fun as you engage in the sport.

I learned how to catfish as a boy. It was very basic, a cane pole, nylon line, bobber, sinkers made in wooden molds from used lead, eagle claw hooks and natural baits. We used live bait captured in the wild such as worms, crawfish, crickets. We caught lots of fish from the banks of ditches, creeks, swamps or natural lakes.

Fishing pressure has led us to refine our techniques but knowing how to use them requires some help. We will continue to perform our goals of showing each knowledge level how to fish. Stay tuned as we make some changes. Our future includes a  reformatted website to help meet our goals and serve you better.

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God Bless, Good Fishing, and Remember to take a child fishing!


Dan Dannenmueller, Publisher

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