Catfish Connections

Recently I attended the 2017 ASA ICAST conference in Orlando Florida. This yearly event showcases new products for the upcoming fishing season for all species of fish. This year was not a disappointment. There is new gear for all species of fish, including catfish products.

New capabilities in electronics, to include better and better clearly defined images on the screens to depict fish both in open water and in and around structure, never cease to amaze me. The new Garmin PanOptx with its “live” images is a must have for sure. All other brands are history images. You can actually see the fish’s movements and reactions to presentations.

Keep an eye out for the new fishing lines entering the market by both Vicious and by Berkley. The new braids are being developed with catfishing in mind, especially for the big mature fish.

B’n’M has come out with a new and improved Magnum Catfish Rod which should handle any catfish you target. All the changes came from fishermen inputs and requests.

PowerPole has a new battery management system that any fisherman will desire. With all the electronics and support equipment we require, this system will level out battery usage between batteries automatically and provide information on battery levels and drains. It will also divert engine charging to the batteries most requiring the charge. They also debuted a new “Vision” system that will allow anglers to hook all accessories to it and to the NMEA engine readouts to create IPAD like user screens whereby you can control light on, off, and fades based on time, livewell infinite controls, electronics and engine performance, etc., etc. These are due to release around the first of the year.

Yes, high tech is here to stay, and as a pro, I know without it we will be left in the dust.

The fish are really biting right now, so go out and catch some for show, food and fun.

God Bless,

Dan Dannenmueller Sr.

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