Catfish Connections: June 2017

Summer is almost upon us and maybe we will finally get some “normal” weather.  This past winter and spring has been anything but “normal”.  All species of fish are mixed up as to when to spawn and the seasonal fishing pattern they should be following.  Major floods, temperature extremes, both cold and hot, have prolonged the spawning season and changed patterns to catch them.

Flexibility is now the key for all fishermen. One day, the fishing technique you chose related to water clarity, time-of-the-year, water temperature, barometric pressure, etc., will hit a home run, while the next day it won’t produce one good fish.

In each edition of CatfishNow, we attempt to portray the seasonal techniques to use for varying patterns during the magazine’s release timeframe. Ron Presley and our team of writers are dedicated to presenting content which is intended to inform, entertain and educate anglers, from the beginner to the professional.

We are also dedicated to informing and educating you on any actions that could impact fishermen, our public waterways and our rights to use them. CatfishNow as well as its sister publication, CrappieNow, receive and will forward such info to you, both in the digital zine as well as social media. Knowledge is key to future fishing success stories, accomplished protections for our fish populations and our rights to access them.

Personally, I am a strong advocate of selective harvest, safety and conservation.  By selective harvest, I mean that we should be allowed to harvest fish, but do it smartly so our children and grandchildren can experience this wonderful country and its outdoor resources.

Sunday June 18 is Father’s Day, so don’t forget dad. There is no better time than now to get him that new rod and reel or other catfishing accessory he has been dreaming about.

Take a child fishing and it will change their life forever! It did mine.


God Bless, good fishin’, and Happy Father’s Day

Dan Dannenmueller, Publisher

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