Catfish Gear #007 — The Original RodSox

Taking care of their fishing rods is one of the most important things an angler can do. The new Original Rod Sox will help you do just that. Rod protecting covers are made from the highest quality material available to guard your rods from damage and give you more time on the water.

If you are tired of having your fishing rods tangled up with each other or damaged in transport Rod Sox are the solution. Once installed they not only protect the blank, eyes and tip, they keep everything in place so when you take the rod out it is ready to fish.

The high-density mesh material is breathable, allowing the Rod Sox to go on wet or dry equipment. The breathable mesh allows air to pass easily through allowing any moisture to dry out of the rod and line.

The closed end of the Rod Sox is hardened to protect the last guide/tip of the rod from the wear and tear possible during storage or transport. It also has a durable tag with a hole to hang rods safely when not in use.

“We have found Rod Sox to be a valuable part of our whole operation,” offered B’n’M prostaff angler, Matt Catmatt Jones. “Where Michelle and I used to finish up a day’s fishing and just toss the rods in the boat now we use Rod Sox to protect them. The next time we’re ready to fish I pull them out ready to go. No tangled mess and no damaged eyes or tips.”

“I also like the fact that the Rod Sox will cover my terminal tackle,” continued Jones. “If I am dragging my rig consists of a swivel, a sinker slide, a weight, a Demon Dragon, and a hook. The Rod Sox will slip over all that hardware. So, when we are traveling the rig is bound up safely under the Rod Sox sleeve. When I am ready to fish I slip off the sleeve, bait up, and start fishing.”


Check out the Original RodSox at where you can view some useful videos on their many benefits.

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