Catfish Gear #018 — Angler Driven Rods and Accessories – B’n’M Poles

Brandy Atkins is shown here with a 62-pound blue she caught on the Chattahoochee River. She loves her B’n’M rods.

B’n’M knows rods. They should, since they have been building them for more than 70 years. The design staff stay current with what anglers want by communicating with a carefully developed pro-staff who advises the company on how to build rods that help everyday catfishermen catch more catfish.

The original Silver Cat is still available and in widespread use in spinning and casting models. The two-piece construction remains popular among anglers that want to take their rods down for storage. These 100 percent fiberglass rods provide sensitivity for bite detection and a glow in the dark tip to help see those night bites. They are built with ceramic insert guides and are designed for 15- to 30-pound line.

The Silver Cat Magnum is built on a 90% carbon, 10% fiberglass blend to provide sensitively and extra backbone for trophy catfish anglers. The magnum series retains the two-piece construction and ceramic insert guides for smooth line flow. They come in a 10-foot model for when those longer casts are needed.

As bumping became a favorite method of catching big cats by river fishermen, B’n’M went to the pro-staff for advice on what kind of rod was needed. The result is the Silver Cat Magnum Pro-Staff Bumping Rod. There is only one model and that’s all you need. It went through several versions in the developmental stage and the result is a top-notch bumping rod used by many top pros. This rod has a stiffer blank than the original and is fitted with stainless steel guides and tip. It is built with sensitivity in mind and designed to battle the swifter current and those big catfish that bumping produces.

B’n’M prostaff angler, Brandy Atkins describes B’n’M poles as dependable and durable. She not only uses them for catfish, but she also takes them when she fishes the salt with great results on big ocean fish.

Cad Daly is holding the B’n’M Silver Cat Elite on Wheeler Lake in Alabama. One of his favorite fishing spots and one of his favorite rods. That’s hard to beat.

“Whether in the river or the ocean I can always count on my B’n’M rods,” said Brandy. They are very well balanced and sensitive. I can feel the fish, small or big. They are particularly amazing with big catfish. They load up beautifully and have great flexibility. They easily handled my personal best 85-pound blue cat.”

The newest B’n’M rod is the 7.5-foot one-piece Silver Cat Elite. The new Elite is designed specifically for suspended drifting and anchoring. This type of fishing requires a rod with power and the Elite’s non-parabolic action provides it. It has a stiff backbone, but with a fast tip to see bites easily.

The Silver Cat Elite features a double-nut locking reel seat, Hi-vis tip, and a high-quality X-Grip handle that looks good and provides extra grip.

Brandy was using the Silver Cat Elite during the Winter Blues on Wheeler tournament in 2019.

“We caught a 66 and a 68 on the Elite,” recalled Brandy. “They performed wonderfully. They load up from the tip to the center and result in a good hookset. The balance is uniform throughout the rod, they perform beautifully!”


Where ever fishing takes you, B’n’M has been there. For information on B’n’M Catfish Tackle visit the website at or call at 1-800-647-6363. How-to videos and how-to articles are available on their website where you can download a current catalog that includes the complete selection of products. Remember, they also offer replacement parts, just give them a call.

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