Catfish Gear #019 — Catfish Products from Team Catfish Tackle

Channel catfish exists in almost every body of water in the U.S. Secret 7 can be used to catch them wherever you are

Team Catfish Tackle offers more than 100 products geared specifically for catfish anglers. Researching what anglers need has helped Team Catfish create and supply everything a catfish angler wants. It is one stop shopping for bait, equipment, terminal tackle, and clothing.

To beat the heat in the hot summertime, consider Team Catfish Secret 7 Dip Bait to put some channel cats on the dinner table. Just tie a Dip Tube J-hook to your favorite rig, punch it down in the Secret 7, and cast it out. It’s just that simple.

Follow this link to a video that will show you exactly how to use Secret 7.

One of the newest Team Catfish baits is the Fiber Nuggets. The basis of this packaged bait is similar to the formula used in Secret Seven and Sudden Impact except that it is packed full of fiber. The fiber allows anglers to use the nuggets on J-hooks, circle hooks, and treble hooks. Anglers who have use the product testify to its toughness and ability to stay on the hook. Fiber Nuggets are a game changer when it comes to dough type baits.

Also, don’t miss the new Team Catfish Tackle apparel designs that came out in 2019. You can check it all out on the Team Catfish website.


For information on Team Catfish Tackle visit the website at or call at (866) 466 5738. How-to Videos are available on their YouTube Channel at

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