Meet Team Catfish Now

Brandy Brooks and Brandi Livingston have teamed up to fish the inaugural Chick Fight tournament on April 6, 2019, in North Alabama as Team Catfish Now.
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Brandi and Dawn

Dawn Hammond Bungay joins Brandy and Brandi as the third tournament partner. These three ladies will put their skills to the test in support of the sport of catfishing and the first ever all ladies tournament.

catfish, tournament, chick fight

Brandi Livingston

Brandy and Brandi will hold down the angling duties and Dawn will drive the boat and run the trolling motor. Catfish Now wishes them the best of luck.

The highly anticipated Chick Fight, the first all ladies catfish tournament, has near 100 lady anglers registered. It is not too late to register. Monday was the Last day to register online but registration will continue at the Captains Meeting on Friday night, beginning at 4:45 pm, in the Lauderdale County HS in Rogersville.
Good luck to all the cat women fishing the tournament. Stay safe, tight lines, and we will see you at the captains meeting at Rogersville and the weigh-in at Joe Wheeler State Park.
Fish with passion!
For more information on North Alabama visit the website at
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