YouTuber Creates Outdoor Tournament that Anyone Can Enter

The Trash Collectors Tournament

An angler with a passion for keeping the environment clean has come up with a novel new tournament idea. It’s all about trash. Getting rid of it around our fishing holes, that is. The idea comes from Sarah Massingill (Yakinwithsarah on YouTube). She envisions the simple task of picking up trash as the central theme of the tournament. The beauty of it is that anyone can enter.

“I have a passion for keeping the waters clean,” said Massingill. “I have an idea that I hope catches a lot of folk’s attention. This tournament is different than any you’ve probably ever seen. I’m asking folks to take a little extra step when they go fishing, swimming, boating, or just for a walk around their favorite body of water. The challenge is to pick up the trash around them, whether they left it or not.”

Massingill was motivated to create the tournament by visits to her local boat ramp. To put it simply, she was heartbroken on every visit to see the area trashed so badly. She hoped, that maybe a community of outdoorsmen and women could get behind her idea, participate, and make their own locale a little better.

tournament, trash, clean up

A trashy boat ramp area motivated Sarah to do something about it.

“Every time I would go out I would see the same thing,” continued Massingill.  “I thought that maybe I could start something that could become bigger than just me picking up trash. If enough people get behind it, others would go out and find their boat ramp clean instead of trashed.”

tournament, fishing, environment, clean up

Collected and cleaned. This is the goal of the Trash Collectors Tournament.

“I would love to see one person from every state involved in this tournament,” anticipates Massingill. “As far as a weight goal, I would love to see a thousand pounds of trash collected by the end of the July.”

Massingill’s Tournament is truly an event that anyone can participate in. Whether you’re a fisherman, a boater, a kayaker, a swimmer, or just someone out enjoying a day at the water, you are affected by the piles of trash that decrease the enjoyment of the outing. Hopefully, once an area is cleaned up it will encourage others to keep it that way.

How Does it Work?

Beginning July 1, 2018, and continuing throughout the month of July, any individual who resides in the US can go out to their favorite body of water and pick up the trash around it. The trash is placed in a plastic bag and weighed. A photo of the individual holding the bag, on the scale, by the water, becomes the entry token for the tournament. The photo is then uploaded to the drophook fishing app as an entry into the tournament. (See the list of clarifying rules below.)

tournament, trash, clean up

A set of scales, some trash bags, and the app from drophook are about all you need to participate.

The drophook app is completely free and available from the AppStore or Google Play.  Participants can simply take their pictures while out there collecting trash and when they get home they can upload them to the app. It is simple and convenient.

As of this writing, there are prizes for the top 3 trash collectors in 2 categories. The winners will be determined by total weight submitted. Massingill has stated that this may grow as more people get involved. A separate category is set up for those participants that do not have a scale to weigh their trash bag. They enter by posting their photo with the bag near the water where it was collected. Three winners will be randomly chosen from those that don’t have a scale to weigh their trash bag. In the no-weigh category, the winner is chosen by random drawing. The more bags sent in the more chances to win.

Tournament Rules

  1. Trash must be collected from around the water (shoreline, boat ramps, etc., on the water).
  2. Photo must include the entire trash bag with the water in the background.
  3. Weighed bags must have the bag on the scale with weight visible in the picture.
  4. If you are weighing the bag make sure you have before and after clean up shots and a photo of the contents inside of the bag (this is for proof that you didn’t bring trash from somewhere else).
  5. Trash must fit into a bag. No couches, mattresses, etc. (Larger trash will be counted in the no-weight category if you actually clean it up and submit the photo.)
  6. Anyone suspected of cheating, and they are not able to provide proof otherwise, will be removed from the tournament immediately.
  7. The top three in each category will receive prizes.

How You Can Help

In addition to participating, people can help by spreading the word to their friends and social media followers. For those that would like to help with the prizes they can donate through PayPal at All money contributed will go to enhance the prizes. If you have prizes you would like to contribute please contact Sarah at

Current supporters include Country Girl Fishing (Tiffany Hart), MudBum Supply Shack, Whisker Stix, Bonehedz Custom Baits, Hook Setters, and drophook app.

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